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Alphabet Ping-Pong Drop Game

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

This is a fun and engaging early literacy game for kids using alphabet ping pong balls and letter tubes. Exciting, fun and adaptable for younger and older kids. You can play the game by matching the letters on the ping-pong ball with the letters on the paper towel rolls.

Or another way to play the game is to call out each letter by using its sound (phoneme) and they had to find the corresponding letter (grapheme) on each ball as quickly as possible and then post them into the correct tubes.

The last way to play the game is to create words or sight-words with the paper towel tubes. The child has to find the correct ping-pong balls to spell it out.

Enjoy this ping-pong drop game at home!

(Resources came from a blog, The Imagination Tree).

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