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Cameras in the Early Childhood Classroom

Usually as educators or as parents, we are the one taking photos of the kids. We see some amazing art work they did and we snap a quick photo. We see them dressed up in costume, we snap another picture. We also use pictures as documentation and a way to communicate with families. But what about giving kids a chance with the camera?

Putting cameras into the hands of children is an opportunity to reverse the role: the adults and children. Allowing children to have an opportunity to take photos of things around them.

A lot of time kids will take photos of their friends at play, the grass, trees, sky, feet or hands, close-ups of dolls or trucks and familiar playthings, impressionistic swirling colors of the inside of a cup of paint. Some photographs might be artfully but blurry as a result of movement, others almost surreal in their point of view or subject matter. No matter what, these photos are priceless to kids.

Allowing photography and cameras in the early childhood classroom is something I think is amazing. Watch what your kids can do and I think you will be AMAZED!


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