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Homemade Play-dough

Here is a simple recipe for making non-toxic playdough:


- 1 cup all-purpose flour

- 1/2 cup salt

- 2 teaspoons cream of tartar

- 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

- 1 cup water

- Food coloring (optional)

- Essential oils or extracts (optional, for fragrance)


1. In a medium-sized pot, whisk together the flour, salt, and cream of tartar.

2. Add the vegetable oil and water (and food coloring, if you want to add color). Stir until all the ingredients are combined.

3. Cook the mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly, until a thick dough forms. It should take about 3-5 minutes.

4. Remove the pot from the heat and let the dough cool for a few minutes.

5. Once the dough has cooled enough to handle, knead it on a clean surface until it becomes smooth and pliable. If it's too dry, you can add a little bit more water or oil. If it's too sticky, you can add more flour.

6. Optional: add a few drops of essential oils or extracts for an added fragrance. Popular options include vanilla, peppermint, and lavender.

7. Store the playdough in an airtight container or ziplock bag when not in use.

And that's it! You now have non-toxic playdough that you and your PreK students can safely play with.

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