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How can parents encourage creativity in their child’s life?

As parents or caregivers, you can do a lot to help spark creative expression in your child's life. To start, you can try some of these strategies below:

Encourage art activities:

Arts and crafts can be done (and fun) at all ages. Starting in the younger years, it's important to help spark creativity. The complexity of the art projects may change as the child gets older, but the idea is the same. You and your child/children can participate in projects, such as:

  • making a house, fort, boat, spaceship, etc. out of a cardboard box

  • coloring a picture together

  • drawing things you see around you

  • making something with modeling clay/playdoug

  • putting together a plastic or wooden model of some kind

  • sewing

  • making jewelry

  • painting

  • create a hair/nail salon

  • lego challenge

  • 3 marker challenge (drawing)

  • fashion show

There are several other activities you can do with your kids. They’re only limited by their imagination. Though you can order or buy just about any supplies needed; you don’t have to spend much money to make it. You can often make fun crafts with stuff you can find around your house.

Other tips and tricks to inspire creativity:

When doing artistic activities together, just remember to have fun! And follow these steps:

  • Do not stress about the mess.

  • Do not compare their art to yours.

  • Embrace their designs and ideas without making suggestions for change.

  • Share their stories, artwork, plays, and other projects with a broader audience.

  • Give them the independence to choose what they want to do and how they do it.

  • Encourage them to experiment with materials around the home

  • Give specific praise (when needed) and ask specific questions about their artwork.

  • Take an interest in the activities they enjoy.

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