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Math Games to Inspire Young Minds

Kids can be engaged in learning math while playing these fun games.

  1. What’s My Pattern?

  2. How Many Are Hiding?

  3. Jumping On The Lily Pads

What‘s My Pattern:

Building simple patterns—even as basic as rhombus, square, rhombus, square—is appropriate for even the youngest children. Teachers can vary the complexity of the pattern by adding more blocks or even repeating some of the blocks in the series.

Skills practiced: algebraic thinking, naming shapes, building patterns

How Many Are Hiding?

This is a quick game that helps children practice identifying how many items are in a collection without needing to count every item singly—math educators call this subitizing. This game is especially appropriate for preschool students who already know how to count.

Skills practiced: subitizing, composing and decomposing number, comparing numbers

Jumping On The Lily Pads:

Young children might enjoy a game that helps them develop a mental number line. In this game, children take turns rolling a number cube and moving a “frog” along the game board. The goal is to be the first whose frog reaches its lily pad.

There is advanced mathematics hiding within this game, making it a great way for children to stretch their math muscles. And parents & educators can play an important role by asking questions, such as, “Who is further ahead?” and “How many more spaces does the frog have to jump?”

Skills practiced: recognizing written numerals, using one-to-one correspondence when counting, subitizing, counting on

(Resources from NAEYC - Young Mind)

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