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New Years Eve Bubble Wands

At Creative PreK Minds, we truly adore BUBBLES!! We know your kids do too. As we prepare for New Years Eve, we thought Star Bubble Wands would be the perfefct New Years Eve craft for your younger kids (and even older kids can help with this project). Instead of NOISY AND LOUD FIREWORKS... replace it with fun bubble wands. A perfect way to celebrate the New Years Eve.


  • Pipe Cleaners (your color choice)

  • Beads (your color choice)

  • Bubble Solution

  • Star Cookie Cutter (optional if needed)

We started by getting a pipe cleaner and wrapping it around the cookie star cutter. Then we strung beads on the pipe cleaner (it can be solid colors or a pattern - your child's choice). Last, we twisted the bottom and tucked it into a bead, so the beads did not fall off. And now you have your offical NEW YEARS EVE BUBBLE WANDS!

We hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!

From Creative PreK Minds

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