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Paint Splatter Tulip Craft

If you need a break from the daily grind or just something different to keep the kids busy this spring season, you are in the right place with our latest and greatest paper plate & paint splat tulip.

Craft Supplies

Small Paper Plates

Tulip Puffy Paint


Green Cardstock Paper (stem of the flower)


Baby Wipes (wipe hands if needed)


1. Begin by folding a paper plate in half.

2. Using puffy paint, drip dots of paint onto one half of the folded paper plate.

3. Gently smear the paint around on the paper plate, creating a colorful design.

4. Carefully open up the paper plate to reveal the unique pattern created by the puffy paint.

5. Allow the paint to dry completely.

6. Once dry, cut the paper plate into triangles to create the top of tulip shapes.

7. Staple the stem to the flower. Now you have a cute paper tulip to hang up somewhere.

Enjoy crafting your beautiful tulip creations with this creative & easy project with kids. 🌷

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