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Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

In my classroom, the girls always love the Pinkalicious books. So here is an easy activity to do with your kids on a Fun Friday activity in your classroom or at home. Make your own Pink Drink together! They love it! (This taste similar to Starbucks Pink Drink - yum!)



instant very berry hibiscus refresher


white grape juice

sweetened vanilla coconut milk (dairy free)


How to make it:

  1. In a pitcher, add the strawberries. Gently crush the strawberries by using a muddler.

  2. Add the very berry hibiscus refresher to the pitcher.

  3. Pour the cold water in the pitcher and stir to combine until the refresher has dissolved.

  4. Add the grape juice and coconut milk, stir to combine.

  5. Pour and serve over ice. Add additional strawberry slices for garnish, optional.

Now this recipe itself makes 2 large glasses, but you can easily double this recipe to make more. It is the perfect spring or summer drink. Enjoy your pink drink with your kids after you read Pinkalicious!!

(I got the recipe from a blogger:


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