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Snow Globe Note For Students

Giving a little note or cared to your students is important because it shows care, appreciation, and recognition, while also fostering a positive classroom enviroment and strengthening the teacher-student relationships.

This Snow Globe Note that we made at Creative PreK Minds did take some time, but it was worth it. We took a child's photo (in their element - silly, excited, dressed up, etc) and put the photo into Canva. We found a snow globe image that we loved and put it over the child's pose. Then decorated the card (however you would like it to look). Last, we printed the cards off on cardstock paper and wrote a simple and sweet note to the child. We put them in envelopes and with their name on it. The child was so happy to recieve a note from their teachers. Remember, these notes take time to write. I know we have so much on our plates as adults. But it is the little things that impact a child. So take the time and write today.

Happy Holidays!!


Creative PreK Minds

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